Please make sure contact number is a CELL PHONE, you will receive a text message reminder before your appointment.

$43per Adult, $20 per Child under 13yo, $400.00 Minimum for all parties. All fees are included EXCEPT gratuity. The gratuity should be 20%. Minimum may vary depending on location. CASH ONLY DAY OF EVENT
2 Proteins per Adult, 1 protein per kid) Food order and headcount can be confirmed week of event Via text. You will receive our phone number in your email confirmation. Party’s over 30 require 2 chefs.


EXAMPLE: (Party of 10 adults & 5 kids)- Adults: 10 chicken,5 steak,5 shrimp. Kids: 5 chicken. Side order : 2 fried rice 3 noodles.

Protein Choices
Filet Mignon +$3
Lobster Tail +$8

Terms & Conditions

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Hibachi Do It, or any agent, employee, director, or representative of Hibachi Do It, will NOT be liable to any Licensee (Host) or Licensee’s guests for property damage caused as a result of any party held on the Licensee’s (Hosts) premises. For the purpose of this paragraph “property damage” is defined as: injury to any real or personal property on the premises of where the Hibachi Do It event is taking place. Furthermore, Licensee (Host), individually and for Licensee’s guests, waives any claim against Hibachi Do It for any loss of, or damage or destruction to, property of Licensee (Host) or Licensee’s guests, arising from any cause. This waiver is intended to be a complete release of any responsibility for property loss or damage or destruction to the property sustained by the Licensee or Licensee’s guests before, during, or after the Hibachi Do It event has taken place.

Cancellation Policy & Weather Policy

We know that customers have many temporary cancellations, including weather or other factors, our company supports customers to cancel for free, please inform us 12 hours in advance, thank you

Travel Fee Policy

PLEASE NOTE: 1. 50 miles free. 2. If the trip is more than 50 miles, please contact us at <a href=”tel:+1646-753-4154″>646-753-4154</a>

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